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Wednesday, April 9, 2003

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ThinkTanks To Be Mac-First; Preview Posted
8:50 AM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

BraveTree Productions and GarageGames recently wrote IMG with word that their upcoming Torque Engine-based combat game ThinkTanks will be released first on the Mac.

ThinkTanks is a tank combat game geared towards the "casual gamer", and features a plot that is sure to amuse most sci-fi fans upon release later this month:

ThinkTanks are small armored vehicles that contain the brains of soldiers that were stolen by an alien race and placed in reinforced glass jars on top of the tank turrets. In arenas constructed to resemble earth, the aliens have pitted the disembodied soldiers against each other for their diabolical amusement.
Reminiscent of early Atari games, ThinkTanks features multiple tanks equipped with different performance attributes and weapons. Gameplay will take place in one of three different level types, each with varying degree of game intensity. Originally designed for online gameplay only, ThinkTanks will also feature a single player mode, where players will be pitted against a varying number of computer-controlled opponents. The game will also feature the ability to host games, with or without the assistance of computer-controlled bots.

According to Joe Maruschak, BraveTree's Creative Director, the game is being released on the Mac first in order to show the company's commitment to OS X. The game is rapidly approaching the "Final Candidate" stage, meaning the developers are feverishly at work squashing the final bugs, tweaking the game missions, and writing the final readme's.

GarageGames' evangelist Jay Moore expects the game to be released to the general public by the week of the 21st. Once released, the game will be available for sale through the GarageGames web store.

In related news, indie gaming website Do It Yourself Games has posted a two-page preview of the soon-to-be-released game:

The design of ThinkTanks may at first glance appear simple, however there is a depth to the gameplay that should keep you coming back time and time again. BraveTree has taken the time to refine each of the gameplay elements to ensure that the resulting experience is truly captivating. The tanks are balanced excellently so a player who masters the use of the heavy tank can be just as competitive as players who master the mid or light tanks.
Click on the links below to find out more. Be on the lookout for a preview of ThinkTanks on IMG soon.

IMG: ThinkTanks Up And Running In OS X
Garage Games: ThinkTanks to be Mac-OS First
ThinkTanks Preview At DIYGames
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