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Monday, April 7, 2003

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Combat Mission: Afrika Corps Unveiled
9:39 AM | Scott Turner | Comment on this story

From Battlefront, maker of the acclaimed 3D WWII tactical simulations Combat Mission and Combat Mission: Barbarrosa to Berlin comes Combat Mission: Afrika Corps. Improving on award winning design and gameplay, the newest installment of this gaming series comes with a brand new set of scenarios, covering World War II from the German invasion into Africa to the Allied attack through Crete. Afrika Corps promises all new units, features, and more.

Here's a bit from Battlefront's Afrika Corps website:

There is much new, different, and better about Combat Mission: Afrika Korps. While the game is based on its award-winning predecessor, Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin, it introduces new desert environments and terrain types, as well as features like multi-turreted vehicles and dust clouds from explosions and moving vehicles.

Most features break with "standard" conventions, like spotting via sound, or misidentification of targets. Others simply do a much better job, like the instant feedback 3D LOS check. Still others go into uncharted territory, like the adjustable waypoint movement system and incredibly accurate armor penetration algorithms.

In addition, Battlefront also confirms a map and campaign editor for Afrika Corps, and while the game will not come shipped as a hybrid Mac and PC CD, the Mac version has been assured by Battlefront. Unfortunately, due to technical limitations in the graphics engine, the game will not be compatible with OS X. It will not run in Classic mode either, but will only be playable when booted into OS 9, just like the situation with the first expansion Barbarossa to Berlin.

Click the link to Battlefront's Afrika Corps website for further details, and stay tuned to IMG as this game nears its 4th quarter 2003 release. Also, for those of you who still haven't checked out the original Combat Mission games, go download the demos at MacGameFiles.

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Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin Demo

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