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Friday, April 4, 2003
Aleph One Network Update
10:54 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

Aleph One the open source version of Bungie's classic Marathon series, is getting closer and closer to being playable online. The latest update to Aleph One's news page describes the success of one the members of Aleph One's mailing list playing a one-on-one game over a broadband connection. Although he has yet to test it with more than three people, this is certainly a big step in the right direction.

Here's the full update:

Aleph One has been working better and better over long-distance Internet connections. If you and a friend each have reasonably fast net access, it would definitely be worth your while to do engage in some multiplayer fun. Here's a report that John Blase recently sent to our mailing list on the state of Aleph's multiplayer features:

Just tried playing the newest build (3/31) in a network game of Beyond Thunderdome in M00. Me (DSL) and my brother (cable modem) had much fun in the arena doing what mom would never have let us done in the house growing up. The blood, the carnage, the dead bodies flying across the arena due to a low SPNKR missile... it was just what we needed as a stress reliever!

The notes:

1) Gathering games and joining worked wonderfully. It seemed to work fastest if the joiner joined by address first, then the gatherer gathered the game. However, this could be due to bias on the part of my brother being slow.

2) While the game play did slow down, with only two people, it wasn't enough to halt the game play. All aspects of the game slowed down, not just the actions. Moving, monsters, scenery... they all took a slight performance hit. I'm guessing that the more people on a WAN that are playing, the slower it'll get, due to packet traveling distances and times. I'll try this again with 3 people (perhaps tonight!) and see how it goes.

3) No stuttering or other game problems. Everything was working smoothly, albeit slow. No out-of-sync errors at all.

4) The already documented sprites problem is still in effect.

In addition to this news was a small update noting that the latest OS 9 build of the game is now available. For more information on Aleph One, or to download it, follow the provided links below.

Aleph One
Bungie Studios
Marathon Infinity
Download Aleph One

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