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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

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Shadowbane Subscription, Patch Info
9:24 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Following yesterday's announcement regarding Shadowbane, the Massively Multiplayer Online RPG (MMORPG), shipping to retailers, more information has now been released about the title's subscription rates. In addition, an optimizing patch has also been posted for the game already, in anticipation of gamers beginning the online adventure this week.

For those curious about subscription information, it seems Shadowbane has fairly standard pricing scheme compared to most MMORPGs, though there are some discounts for buying months in advance. Here are the full details:

Monthly Plan $ 12.99 USD per Month
3 Month Plan $ 34.99 USD for 3 Months (a 10% discount!)
6 Month Plan $ 64.99 USD for 6 Months (a 20% discount!)
12 Month Plan $119.99 USD for 12 Months (a 30% discount and immediate access to the 3 Restricted Races!)
Keep in mind that when you purchase the $40 game, you will get 31 days of free play included in that price. You can also cancel at anytime for a refund, unless you choose the 12-month plan.

Wolfpack and Ubi Soft have also released a patch for Shadowbane which makes optimizations and bug-fixes to the game. While the ReadMe includes Mac-specific changes, the patch is only available from FTP sites for the PC version right now. Mac OS X users don't need to fret though, because Shadowbane contains an auto-updater which will grab and install the 8.8MB update on its own. Here are just a few of the changes in v1.0.1:

- A number of performance optimizations relating to group moves, building collision, and asset affiliation
- Imposed a range on group formation messages to eliminate the server trying to calculate paths over thousands of units for group members not local to the leader that calls formation
- The Patch client no longer spins at 100% CPU while doing nothing

- Fixed a bug where the Mac Patch Client would sometimes decide it needed to patch itself when it wasn't really necessary
- Fixed a leak with serverlogin messages
- Fixed a bug where the cursor wasn't getting hidden during fullscreen movie playback
- Players should now get booted from starting cities when they hit level 20
- Fixed a bug where the movie playback would stutter on the Mac Client
- Fixed a problem where Mac clients weren't reading DOS formatted config files correctly

Stay tuned for more from Shadowbane as it begins to reach the awaiting hands of players this week. Also be sure to look through Ubi Soft's informative FAQ, as it covers other pertinant topics such as video cards, etc.

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