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Wednesday, March 26, 2003
Orbz OS X in Beta
9:24 AM | Scott Turner | Comment on this story

As reported at iDevGames, the new independent game developer 21-6 has just announced the first beta of their intriguing strategy/action/puzzle game, Orbz version 2.0. Supported by Garage Games, creator of the Torque engine and that engine's low-cost licensing to independent game developers, this new game will be released with native support for both OS X and Linux.

The premise of Orbz seems simple, according to 21-6's website. By controlling an "Orb" with your mouse, you are to guide it to a number of star shaped items in an attempt to collect all of the star targets on a level. Of course, the game becomes interesting when you throw a number of other factors into the mix; not only can you play competitively against multiple players for the stars through multiplayer, but multiple quirky power-ups like "Curse of the Goober" provide powers that are as strange and entertaining as their name. Taking place over a number of widely varying levels from castles to frozen tundra, players should have hours of fun, both solo and against other humans.

Grab the iDevGames link below, or head on over to 21-6's website and take a look at the game straight from the source.

Orbz Information Page
21-6's Website

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