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Tuesday, March 25, 2003

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Vendetta Test Updated to 3.1.15
10:46 AM | Johan HansÚn | Comment on this story

Guild Software has released 2 updates to their space sim game, Vendetta Test, in a quick succession. The Vendetta Test is a way for Guild Software to test out different network architectures, gameplay and interface systems for their upcoming space MMORPG.

Changes in the 2 updates:

3.1.14 fixes a number of issues. Linux sound and no-permission to /dev/dsp crashes were fixed. Sound volume ramping added to new soundsystem (should reduce clicks). DirectSound support added to Windows. Fixed "white textures" bug when game was minimized in win32. Station menu panels are now much faster, thanks to those textures being precached. Added shortcuts 1/2/3/4 for Buy/Sell/Repair/Ammo station menu tabs. Fixed bug with buying back free EC88 ship. A free EC88 cannot be bought back with non-free weapons. Fixed bug that permitted people to buy ships that weren't available to their team. Fixed bug where you could activate a wormhole without full energy. Server packet prioritization optimizations should improve latent and low-bandwidth connections.

3.1.15 now properly renders the flag hull for a ship carrying the flag. Bumpmapped asteroids now have more correct lighting with respect to their orientation and the lightsource.
To download the updates, just start Vendetta and the automatic updater will bring it to the current version.

Guild software also announced that they have hit the test user limit. They will start to purge out old accounts that have never been used to log in, so there might still be a possibility to get a new account and try this magnificent free space simulator out. Head over to Guild Software's website to sign out for a test account.

Guild Software
Vendetta Online

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Archives  News  Vendetta Test Updated to 3.1.15