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Tuesday, March 25, 2003

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Deus Ex: Invisible War Previewed
9:07 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Readers seeking more information on the upcoming FPS adventure game Deus Ex: Invisible War may want to check out a preview recently posted by IGN PC. With quotes from the development team at Ion Storm and examples of in-game play, the preview sheds light on some of the exciting new facets being hinted at by the sequel.

Besides the much-touted Havoc sound engine, a reworked graphics rendering engine has also been set in place to handle the complex lighting routines within the game. As fans of the first title can attest, the abiltiy to hide in the shadows was a crucial part of the first game, and DX2 aims to allow players to create their own light or shadows on demand by manipulating lamps, furniture, or whatever. However, don't expect NPCs to idly stroll by if you rearrange a room to suit your needs - they will notice and investigate such occurences.

Even more exciting is the non-linear direction the development team is implementing into DX2. Not only can players approach a specific problem in many different ways, but the game also opts to make players decide which problems to solve as well:

These choices aren't chincey ones either, they can even look like a choice between good and evil. "So I can either kill the lawyer for one side, or I could broker an arms deal for another faction," shows Bill, "it's all up to the player and his or her own conscience. One of our goals was to let the player play through the game without ever touching a weapon. If you want to just hack or have conversations and play it as a totally non-violent person, you don't even have to touch a weapon."
Other aspects of the preview include coverage of the new GUI for the game, sample senarios, and more information on the Havoc engine. Though Ion Storm isn't giving any specifics, they do promise that the PC version of DX2 will be shipping sometime this year.

As for a Mac release, we're still waiting to hear official word, but given that the game runs off the Unreal engine, we're pretty confident this one will make it sooner or later.

IGN PC - Deus Ex: Invisible War Preview
Ion Storm
Deus Ex 2: Invisible War

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