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Monday, March 24, 2003

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Racer Update Adds Force Feedback Support
9:00 AM | Johan HansÚn | Comment on this story

The free car simulator Racer has been updated recently, adding a number of impressive new features under OS X, including support for Force Feedback devices. The new version number is 0.5.0 beta 11 might even be considered final version if no major problems show up.

The game's creator Ruud van Gaal has posted a list of changes on Racesim Central:

  • OSX 10.2.3 most probably required
  • I couldn't get the Nissan 350Z running acceptably with a couple of tweaks, so I left it out. Sorry for the ugly Fer312; looking for a replacement car that's ok in beta11
  • Force feedback works! I've got 2 wheels included in data/ctrlsets: a Mac Modena 360 Pro (non-FF), and a Logitech Wingman Formula Force GP. Notice that the devices are searched for by vendor & product ID. Use the HID Explorer (available on Apple's developer site) if you have other wheels. I'm interested in other working controlset files (from data/ctrlsets), as I don't have vendor and product ID's for all the wheels out there.
  • Replays are now binary compatible with Linux/PC ones.
  • Hardware stencil is required for the projected shadows.

    Lots of fixes compared to beta6, as in the PC version. Mac specific:

  • Gamma works correctly. No more dark fullscreen stuff.
  • Frequency may work (untested really)
    (see gfx.ini for these options)
  • The update is now available for download at the Racer website.

    Racesim Central Forums: Racer Update

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