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Friday, March 21, 2003
Geneforge 2 Announced
8:52 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Spiderweb Software, best known for their series of old-school RPGs, has officially announced their next upcoming title: Geneforge 2. The sequel to the original Geneforge, GF2 once again puts players in the shoes of a Shaper, one who can craft obedient mutant monsters who will serve and fight for their creator.

The storyline of GF2 starts players out as an apprentice Shaper who gets caught up in a conspiracy, complete with backstabbing former allies and strange disappearances. All of this points to an attempt to overthrow Shaper rule. Many factions will vie for the player's allegiance, creating many opportunites for branching story paths:

Geneforge 2 has a huge and open storyline. You can join with any of several factions and reach dozens of different endings. When you finish the game, start over, join a different group, and experience a completely different game. No matter what you choose, Geneforge 2 offers an enormous adventure with plenty of replay value.
GF2 will be priced at $25, or $32 with a hint book. The planned release date is set for this summer. Those interested in more information, including screenshots and some creature info, can find it at Spiderweb's site.

Spiderweb Software - Geneforge 2
Spiderweb Software

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