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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

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X-Plane 6 Updated to 6.60 RC-1
8:51 AM | Zack Lipowski | Comment on this story

The popular flight-simulator, X-Plane 6, was recently updated to version 6.60 RC-1. Besides plugin support to make X-Plane more configurable and controllable, there were other additions such as:

New Airport and NAVAID databases... the databse is updated and refined as always!

Scenery enhancement... in addition to the vector rivers, roads go cleverly around airports now.. no more roads crossing through runways!

"C" key to bring up sectional chart (you asked for it, you got it!)

FADEC failures now available! This is something the FAA wanted for the FAA-cert use... you get the benefit!

All failures now outputtable by UDP selection! For thos eof you building your own cockpits with multiple computers, you can now set failures from a different failure computer.

DME is now avail to carriers and frigates... get ready for those tricky ILS-DME's to the boat for a trap or hover-landing!

Beta prop option in plane-maker to get that beta-range in props just right. Again, an FAA need for certification.

World-Maker auto-grid option stays away from the env edges so the env edges are always perfect.

In Plane-Maker, put the new water gage in the supplementary folder on the panel of your water bomber... then skim the ocean to pick up water to drop on fires! This has been a frequent request.

World-Maker apt/nav search improved... it now finds apt and nav IDs of even non-standard length.

Support for more Mac-OS-X joysticks. This has been an ongoing effort as more sticks get supported by Apple's new OS in different ways, but this works with every stick we have tested!

In order to succesfully update to version 6.60, you must have 6.51 previously installed. Installation is just a matter of dropping the new files into your existing X-System folder.

X-Plane 6 Update
X-Plane 6
Laminar Research

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Archives  News  X-Plane 6 Updated to 6.60 RC-1