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Friday, March 14, 2003
ATI, NVIDIA Announce New Mobile Chips
8:33 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Just a few days after announcing their new line of desktop graphics cards, both ATI and NVIDIA have turned out announcements unveiling their new line of mobile graphics chips. ATI has dubbed their new chips the Mobility Radeon 9600 and 9200, respectively, while NVIDIA's new offerings include the GeForce FX Go5600 and Go5200.

As can be expected, both sets of chips boast some serious power. The Mobility Radeon 9600 features an HDTV encoder, hardware acceleration for MPEG-2, and a new power-saving memory known as GDDR2-M:

MOBILITY RADEON 9600 is also the first and only mobile visual processor to support GDDR2-M memory, which delivers DDR-2 memory speeds while significantly extending battery life through innovative power saving technology. The specification for GDDR2-M memory technology was developed by a team of ATI engineers in conjunction with tier-one memory vendors. MOBILITY RADEON 9600 gives OEMs the choice of using either discrete memory, or one of three variants that offer up to 128 MB of memory integrated onto the chip package, another industry first.
Not to be outdone, Nvidia's new Go5600 sports 8x AGP, improved PowerMizer power-saving technology, and the CineFX Engine:
The NVIDIA CineFX engine allows developers to easily apply their distinctive style to digital content, achieving cinematic visual effects in real time with specialized graphics programs called shaders. Powered by the CineFX engine, the GeForce FX shifts the focus from simple pixel fill rate to sophisticated pixel shading. The GeForce FX eliminates many programming barriers previously associated with pixel shaders by supporting long programs for even the most elaborate effects, and conditional branching capabilities for greater efficiency.
In an additional footnote that may or may not be of interest to the Mac community, NVIDIA notes that the Go5600 is the "industry's first family of DirectX 9.0-class mobile GPUs." However, they also sport OpenGL hardware feature implementation as well.

As can be expected of the lower-end models, both the Mobility Radeon 9200 and the Go5200 are lower power versions of their more powerful brethren, featuring slower clock speeds and a bumping down of tech features.

Though there's no confirmation yet regarding seeing either of these chipsets in future Apple laptops, the possibility is certainly there for both chip brands, especially considering the fact that both ATI and NVIDIA chips reside in current Mac laptop models. We'll bring more news on this front as we get it.

ATI - ATI unleashes the MOBILITY RADEON 9600 family of mobile visual processors
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