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Wednesday, March 12, 2003

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Cold War - Still Planned for Mac
8:54 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

IMG readers may remember a story published last summer regarding Cold War, a stealth/action game currently in development by Mindware. At the time of its announcement, Mindware noted that they would like to create a Mac and Linux version of Cold War as well, though nothing seemed set in stone.

In a recent interview with HomeLan, Mindware employee Karel Papik is asked about the planned Mac and Linux ports, and gives an affirmative answer regarding their development:

HomeLAN - Your press release states that in addition to the PC version, there are also Mac and Linux ports planned. Why did you choose to support these platforms?

Karel Papik - We would like to bring the game to the Linux and Mac communities. They tend to be neglected in the gaming field which I think is unfortunate. Thanks to the modular architecture of our Djinni engine, the development of the Linux version runs parallel with the Windows one without any extra costs, so it would be a mistake not to make use of it. Also, the e-mail messages we get primarily from Linux fans (thank you for your interest:) confirm that we are doing the right thing.

In a related question, Patrik Rak of Mindware adds that, due to the high portability of Cold War's Djinni engine, he's "pretty much convinced that the port to MacOS X would be fairly easy."

Cold War is a Metal Gear Solid-inspired title that emphasizes stealth-based gameplay and numerous enemies, each with a different strategy. The story features Chaser Jones, an investigative journalist that stumbles onto a plot much larger than originally thought. More information can be found at both HomeLan's interview and the official Cold War site.

HomeLan - Cold War Interview
Cold War
Buy Cold War

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