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Friday, February 7, 2003

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Soldier of Fortune II Server Downtime
9:25 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

Raven Software recently noted in their forums that they are in the process of moving to a new Soldier of Fortune 2 server. The post notes that some people may have problems getting server lists, but that by early next week everything should be fine.

Here's the post:

This post is to let everyone know that the master server is going to be moving out of the raven offices and into a real co-lo site. Unfortunately during this move there will be some issues.

Starting sometime tomorrow we will issue the request for the DNS change. The master server at raven will still be running as will the new one at our co-lo. As the DNS propegates some people will be talking to one master server and some to the other. This means that you may not be seeing the whole list of servers for a bit while they propegate to the new DNS. However, you should still be able to connect to any of the servers on your favorites list.

DNS usually takes 24-48 hours to propegate but can take up to a week sometimes for some providers. We ask for everyones patience during this move.

Early next week we will finally shut down the old master server and field any remaining issues with people still talking to the wrong one as they come up. If your are a server admin and your server is no longer listed next week then try restarting it and see if that fixes the problem (the old dns result may be cached by the dedicated server).

Again, we ask for everyones patience during the next week and we will try to make sure things go as smooth as possible.

For more information on the server switch, follow the link provided below.

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