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Thursday, February 6, 2003
Virtual Grand Prix 2, Player Manager 2003 Announced
9:08 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A quick note from Virtual Programming brings news that the company's main website has been updated recently with a new look. Unfortunately, non-IE browser users may be out of luck at the moment, because the updated site doesn't seem to support Safari or Gecko-based browsers. The good news is that they are announcing two new games this month: Virtual Grand Prix 2 and Player Manager 2003.

Virtual Grand Prix 2 is a Formula One racing simulator, presumably based on the original game for the Amiga system. According to Virtual Programming's site, it features an advanced car dynamics model as well as arcade and multiplayer modes. For more information or some early screenshots, have a look at their mini-site. According to the company, Virtual Grand Prix 2 will be released later this month for Mac OS X.

Player Manager 2003 is a brand-new title from football (soccer) game-makers, Anco (known for their KickOff series of games). This title puts players in the role of manager, making major decisions for their club. It's not strictly a text game, though. Anco has rolled the same 3D engine from the KickOff series into the Player Manger 2003, so managers will have to watch each move in the match very carefully to see how their players are reacting.

Here's a list of features with more:

  • Manage any team in any of the four English divisions
  • All teams have three squads: First, reserve and Youth teams
  • Interact with your players; view statistics and performance information
  • See coach reports, scout players, negotiate contracts ans see what your own fans think of your players
  • Buy, sell and loan players from around the world
  • Compete in up to six cup competitions including the FA and League cups and the European competitions
  • Each player has physical and personality statistics and attributes
  • Experience, confidence, morale and fitness all affect performance
  • Actually SEE the changes you make in the stunning 3D match engine
No release date has yet been announced for Player Manager 2003. Stay tuned to IMG for more on both of these new titles as Virtual Programming moves into 2003.

Virtual Programming
Player Manager 2003

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Archives  News  Virtual Grand Prix 2, Player Manager 2003 Announced