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Thursday, February 6, 2003

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Warbirds Updated to 02.04.03
9:08 AM | Tim Morgan | Comment on this story

Developer iEntertainment updated its popular massively-multiplayer flight sim, Warbirds II, bringing it to version 02.04.03. The new version fixes a number of bugs in the World War II-era online simulation, as detailed by the installer's Read Me file:

  • Skin limit viewable on PDC dropdown box now set to 200

  • PDC Skin list now alphabetized

  • Number of Wingmen may now be specified for both offline and online separately

  • UI reflects offline # when offline/online # when online

  • ACMcam CTD when starting cam fixed

  • Problem with UI mapper not displaying 'Flight' info

  • Armored Assault GV physics and damage behaviour folded in

  • ARENAFLAGS bit 1 now controls whether drones have a '*' in their icon

  • WarBirds scripting language for mission editor files

  • Misc ME script fixes

  • .mbl paths should now work correctly regardless of directory delimiter

Warbirds III allows players to battle each other over Western Europe in a persistent online environment set during World War II. The prolific pay-for-play simulation also has growing support for land and sea battles.

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WarBirds III
Warbirds III 02.04.03 Update

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Archives  News  Warbirds Updated to 02.04.03