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Tuesday, February 4, 2003
Free C&C Clone for OS X
8:56 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

Fans of Westwood's classic real-time strategy game Command and Conquer may be interested in an open-source clone of the game that is being developed, entitled Free C&C. The project is working to recreate the Command and Conquer engine, yet still uses the original game data.

Here's a description of Free C&C:

FreeCNC will be a free implementation of the Command & Conquer Game Engine written in SDL. It will support original C&C graphics/audio similar to how FreeCraft supports original WarCraft graphics/audio.
For those unfamiliar with Command and Conquer, It's a modern warfare RTS which features two different factions to choose from, along with a slew of different units to use.
Here's Westwood's description of the game:
This multi-million selling game redefined RTS gameplay. Set in a gritty, high-tech world C&C utilizes electronic intelligence and covert surveillance to determine who reigns supreme.

Join the forces of either the Global Defense Initiative (GDI) or the Brotherhood of Nod, and fight for what you feel is right.

With millions of fans worldwide, Command & Conquer is the benchmark by which all other strategy games are measured.

Currently Free C&C is only available for Windows, Linux, and BeOS, but a Mac OS X version is in the works and should be available soon.

Free C&C Clone for OSX

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