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Wednesday, January 22, 2003
ThinkTanks Running on OS X
6:00 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

David Chait, Mac programming guru at GarageGames, recently made a post to the company's website noting that he had the Torque engine tank game, ThinkTanks, working under OS X. Chait also posted a screenshot of the game running under OS X, along with a detailed description on the steps he took getting it running.

Here's Chait's update:

Shot of BraveTree´s ThinkTanks running on OSX (Carbonized app).

Was really quick and easy to bring up, though admittedly both those points are due to my being the guy doing most of the Mac coding and most of the Mac ports. ;)

Just to give you an idea:

I started grabbing the code down at 2pm, and was driving a tank by 5. Probably took about 20mins to get the checkout done. 10 mins to get organized to start my work. 30-45 minutes in merging in fixes that only exist on my machine (well, or in Orbz). Another 30-45 dealing with compiler issues. Another 10-15 finding and adding missing code files to the project. Another 30-45 debugging the one memory issue I had keeping me from getting into the mission. Playable immediately once that was resolved.

Chait also posted some details for Torque developers wanting to port their titles to the Mac. He is currently working on ThinkTanks as well as Orbz and a number of other Torque-based projects, so stay tuned for more info.

ThinkTanks Running on OS X

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