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Tuesday, January 14, 2003

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French Touch Releases WaterRace Source Code
12:18 PM | Jean-Luc Dinsdale | Comment on this story

Carlos Camacho, of Macintosh programming website iDevGames, announced in a press release Tuesday that European Macintosh developers French Touch have released the full source code of their off-shore racing game WaterRace.

The source code, written in the C/C++ programming language, is built around an OS 9-only low-level RAVE API, and incorporates many features found in modern computer games, including a physics engine, Quicktime-based MP3 playback, and even copy protection. From the press release:

"The source code of the game, though sparsely commented, is well-written and demonstrates how to implement a number of interesting features including (among many others) a physics engine, a low-level 3D engine, a pseudo-AI, MP3 playback (using QuickTime) and CD Protection." said Pierre-Olivier Latour. Confirming its commitment to being the driving force behind Macintosh game development, Editor-in-Chief of iDevGames also noted "iDevGames' annual Mac-only programming contest, uDevGame, was a great success in 2002, and we are releasing the source code to over forty games to the community. The release of the source code to WaterRace by Pierre-Olivier Latour is extremely generous and will greatly benefit many developers, as well as Macintosh gaming in general."
Game developers and programmers eager to learn from practical implementations of programming code should head over to iDevGames and check out the souce code in full. In tandem, IMG sister site MacGameFiles is hosting the WaterRace demo - click on the links below for access.

idevgames: WaterRace Source Code Press Release
MacGameFiles: WaterRace 1.0.1 Demo
French Touch

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