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Thursday, January 9, 2003
MWSF: Feral Brings UK Games to US
4:34 PM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The UK-based Feral Interactive is representing their lineup on the Macworld Expo show floor, and IMG stopped by to get the scoop on their current and future games. While they have a new North American distributor in MacPlay, the company's David Stephen notes they still want to keep a presence at Macworld still.

The Feral booth is showing four titles, including the ever-popular Sheep, the expansion Black & White: Creature Isles, F1 Championship, and Worms Blast. Worms Blast is a very colorful action puzzle title which they hope to have complete with testing in the first quarter of this year.

Also on show in the gaming arena is a beta version of Enemy Engaged. This complex helicopter flight simulation is in testing as we speak, with an expected release in the new few months.

Warrior Kings was not being shown at the Expo, but Feral says the title's development is doing well. Look for a release of that strategy title in Q2.

Many other things are in store for Feral over the next year as well. While they unfortunately can't talk about all of them, Stephen did note that Championship Manager 4 has gone gold for the PC and they hope to bring it our way in 2003. With the Black & White Platinum Pack now shipping, you can bet they are also looking at any sequels to this franchise from Lionhead as well.

Look for more on all of these titles from IMG as they begin to ship or get further along in development.

Feral Interactive

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Archives  News  MWSF: Feral Brings UK Games to US