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Wednesday, January 8, 2003
Ten for X: Games Package Announced
2:08 PM | Galen Wiley | Comment on this story

Aladdin Systems, popular Mac utility developer, and reponsible for such applications as Stuffit Deluxe and Ten for X, has announced a brand new product to their lineup, titled Ten for X: Games.

The new product speaks for itself, giving Mac gamers ten great Mac games at the very low price of just $50. Some of the games include such popular hits like Bugdom 2, Airburst, Wingnuts, GeneForge from companies like Freeverse, Pangea, Spiderweb and Strange Flavour. Below is a brief description of each game included in the pack:

3D Bridge Deluxe by Freeverse Software
An amazing Bridge game with a great tutorial mode.

Airburst by Freeverse Software
Protect the balloons keeping you aloft while trying to pop others.

Astrosquid by Lost Minds
Pilot your Squid-like ship to Earth through 16 levels of arcade action.

Bommo Sweeper X by Slovis Software
An addictive mine sweeping game.

Bugdom 2 by Pangea Software
The fantastic action adventure game with amazing 3D graphics.

Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab by Freeverse Software
Challenge yourself in this Tetris-like puzzler with single and multi-player modes.

Classic Cribbage by Freeverse Software
You'll need quick wits and a good memory to succeed at this classic card game.

Cro-Mag Rally by Pangea Software
3D racing action will have you on the edge of your stone seat!

Deep Trouble by Code Blender Software
Its the 22nd century. Aliens are polluting the oceans. Its up to you to stop them!

Geneforge by Spiderweb Software
Spend hours in pursuit of a quest in this top-rated role playing game.

Jinni Zeala Pinball by LittleWing Co. LTD
Relive pinballšs Golden Age.

Video Poker 5000 by Slovis Software
The thrill of the casion in the privacy of onešs home.

WingNuts: Temporal Navigator:
Stop the Baron and his zany flying machines in this challenging arcade thriller.

For more information on this impressive package of games, be sure to check out the web site.

Ten for X

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