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Friday, January 3, 2003

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GarageGames Mac Update
9:42 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

GarageGames recently launched their Player's Site, a place for people to get information and purchase the first independent games published by the company. While most of these games will eventually be based upon the powerful cross-platform Torque engine being licensed by the company for $100, they are also willing to work with non-Torque developers to get their titles sold. Some of the first few games available now include Marble Blast, Chain Reaction, and Orbz.

Mac gamers may be confused why none of these currently show support for the Mac OS, but IMG recently talked to GarageGames' president Jeff Tunnell, who explains the situation:

Mac Marble Blast is nearly complete and Jay will be showing it in the Apple booth at the upcoming Macworld. Chain Reaction was started three years ago, so it is not on the Torque Game Engine and is much harder to convert to the Mac. However, Chris' first task is to port over to Torque mainly so we can have a Mac version. Orbz has already been running on the Mac as well, so we will see PC vs. Mac Orbz matches.

We think the Mac market is an awesome opportunity for independent game makers.
This is great to hear that the company is working hard to try and support the Mac platform as well in their efforts. Look for more about GarageGames as IMG covers the Macworld Expo next week.


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