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Thursday, January 2, 2003

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Airburst Updated, Network Beta Released
6:00 AM | Galen Wiley | Comment on this story

Mac game developer, Strange Flavour has released the network beta to their popular shareware hit, Airburst. The network edition of the game allows registered users of Airburst to play the game over a network, either on a LAN, or using Freeverse Software's GameSmith. Here's a short description from the game's homepage:

Airburst Network is an add on for the current version of Airburst, and can only be played by registered users of Airburst. Each player will need their own registration to play (we will be doing some form of limited LAN play with a single registration, but haven't found a good way to implement this yet).
In related news, Strange Flavour has also released an update to the regular version of Airburst, bringing it to version 1.051. The update fixes a few problems, including the screen resolution problems under OS X.

You can download Airburst and Airburst Network both in one easy .sit file. Note that you must be a registered user to play Airburst Network, and that a 30 day trial is available for the regular version of Airburst, after which, the game costs $9.95. A link to the download has been attached to this article.

Download: Airburst 1.051 (Includes Airburst Network 1.051N beta)
Strange Flavour

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Archives  News  Airburst Updated, Network Beta Released