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Thursday, January 2, 2003
Bannister Updates Emulators
6:00 AM | Galen Wiley | Comment on this story

Richard Bannister, responsible for many high-quality Mac emulator ports, has released updates for RockNES (NES emulator), Boycott Advance (Gameboy Advance), ViBE (Virtual Boy), and ROM Organizer (a ROM sorting utility) over the holidays. All three emulator updates add joystick support under OS X (Blitter Library also required), as well as the following individual changes:

  • Boycott Advance v0.2.7 - In sync with the latest code for Windows.
  • RockNES v2.40 - In sync with the latest PC version.
  • ViBE v1.0b2 - Serious compatibility improvements, thanks to Gil Pedersen. ViBE now runs 18 out of 22 known Virtual Boy games.
  • ROM Organizer v1.0.1 - adds more than 7,000 more ROMs to the database, and adds MSX support.

Bannister has also released a brand new port to an emulator for Bandai's Wonderswan, titled Oswan. The developer notes that sound support has not yet been enabled, but compatability of WonderSwan games is high, with only a few not working with the emulator. Here's a short description from Oswan's webpage:

Oswan is the first Wonderswan emulator to be released for the Mac platform. While it does not support sound, it has very high compatibility, with only a few titles that do not work correctly. Additional video modes can be added to this emulator via my Blitter Library plugin.
Boycott Advance, RockNES, ViBE, and ROM Organizer are all carbonized, and are available for both OS 9 and OS X. Oswan is OS X only. You can download the various updates from the links attached to the bottom of this article.
Download: Boycott Advance 0.2.7
Download: RockNES v2.30
Download: ViBE 1.0b2
Download: ROM Organizer 1.0.1
Download: Oswan 0.7.0

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