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Friday, December 20, 2002
The Belt, MAFFia Postmortems Posted
9:08 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

The string of uDevGame 2002 Finalist Postmortems continues, with the latest ones focusing on The Belt, a unique turret-based shooter, and MAFFia, a game that allows for the decimation of sheep.

Both postmortems focus on the development processes of each title, including what each developer thought went right and wrong. For example, the developer of MAAFia stresses the value of playtesting:

Playtesting the game was very helpful as well; I received many useful suggestions from many helpful people in the last week or so, especially here on iDevGames. Needless to say, I playtested MAFFia a great deal myself; I also did my best to stress-test it frequently, trying to induce problems in whatever code I had changed lately, and always fixing them as soon as possible. I can't quantify how much this policy helped me, but the general smoothness of development suggests it certainly did me no harm.
The rest of the reads cover other thoughts, including tools used and the future plans of each developer. Those interested in the full reads can find them at iDevGames.

iDevGames - MAFFia Postmortem
iDevGames - The Belt

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Archives  News  The Belt, MAFFia Postmortems Posted