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Wednesday, November 20, 2002
Myst Online Nearing Beta?
7:37 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

Riven-The Unofficial Home Page, a Myst fan site, recently posted some info showing that Myst Online may be nearing the beta stage of development. Ubi Soft's latest game in the Myst universe, Myst Online is a massively-multiplayer game allowing players to explore vast new worlds, interact with hundreds of other players, form neighborhoods and even play different mini-games. Although not an official announcement that the game has gone beta, the post does provide some interesting information.

Here's a snippet:

A strong indication that we may be near beta comes from a recent addition to Zandi's PreAfter site....On the PreAfter home page, click the right spot and you'll find preliminary system specs for the beta and what is apparently a means of applying to participate. (I'm not giving away any secrets; this has already been discussed in several Myst discussion groups.)

Tim Larkin, Cyan's Audio Director, added to the system recommendations when he told the Lyst, "I would also highly recommend an Audigy sound card to fully take advantage of the environmental FX."

Note: Beta testing shouldn't be confused with the preliminary testing that I've previously reported. A small number of fans have participated in limited testing for months, using Cyan's official To D'ni site as their home base for news and announcements. However, these have not been true beta tests; they've just been limited technical tests.
Although no Mac version of the game has been announced, given Myst's Mac roots and the fact that every previous Myst game has made it to the Mac, it is very likely we could see Myst Online. To read more about Myst Online or to see the whole post, follow the provided links.

Myst Online Nearing Beta?
Myst Online: Uru Live

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Archives  News  Myst Online Nearing Beta?