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Friday, November 8, 2002

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NWN 'Witchwork' Add-on Interview
9:36 AM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

HomeLan recently had an interview with Derek French and Rob Bartel of BioWare about their upcoming add-on to Neverwinter Nights. Entitled Witchwork, the add-on will be the first in a series of freely downloadable adventures created by the BioWare team. The Interview covers many different aspects of this add-on from how BioWare made plans to release a series of add-ons to the background story of Witchwork.

Here's a snippet:

HomeLAN - How did the idea for the Witchwork modules come about?

Rob Bartel - First off, embarking on a module series like this just seemed like an extremely fun thing to do. There seemed to be a lot of interest from the community in a professionally-designed roleplaying experience like this, expressed both by regular board posters and respondents to some of our post-release surveys. Before I pitched the concept to the rest of the Live Team, however, I sat down and came up with a list of concrete ways in which such a series could benefit both BioWare and the community. It seemed like an ideal chance to showcase some of the top-notch fan-created content, for instance, and introduce the community to some of our more advanced website features like the new Guilds & Player Registry. It also keeps people interested and involved in what the game has to offer. If people are having a blast with Witchwork, for instance, they'll be much more interested in picking up future Neverwinter products.

As for the actual story ideas behind the series, they're coming from various sources. Some are ideas I originally had for the Official Campaign or other projects we have underway here at BioWare. Others I'm definitely making up as I go along. I seem to come up with the bulk of them whenever I make the long drive back to Saskatchewan for friends' weddings, family holidays, and the like. The neat thing about Witchwork, though, is that it's an evolutionary process. I have some basic ideas sketched out for future modules but fan feedback is going to play a large part in how the series develops.

BioWare is currently working on the Mac port of Neverwinter Nights in-house. All Neverwinter Nights modules, including the ones BioWare makes will be fully compatible with the Mac version. The full interview, and info on the Mac port can be reached using the links provided.

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NWN 'Witchwork' Add-On Interview
NWN Mac Version
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