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Tuesday, November 5, 2002

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Apple Posts Heroes IV Preview, Trailer
12:13 PM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

The latest Apple game preview article is up, and this time around they look at the fantasy turn-based strategy game Heroes of Might & Magic IV. In Heroes IV, players control heroes who recruit soldiers and traverse the land of Might and Magic doing battle with their enemies. Developed by 3DO, and ported to the Mac by Contraband, the game features a brand new game engine, and re-worked gameplay that makes several changes from the previous games in the series. These include the ability for your hero to fight in battles and of your armies to travel without a hero leading them.

The Apple preview goes into the many different features of the game. Here's a sample:

Strategy and More
Heroes of Might and Magic IV is billed as a turn-based strategy game, but many argue that this description is far too narrow. The game features several distinct forms of game play, including resource management, role-playing, and of course, strategy.

Over the course of the game, you develop armies composed of specialized hero characters and troops of creatures. Youíll move these armies over both land and sea, seeking natural resources, creature nurseries, power-ups that increase your skills, and treasures that increase your wealth. The game features six massive campaigns and over twenty individual scenarios that further the storyline. Capturing towns is the objective of many scenarios, and for good reason ó towns that have succumbed to your wrath supply you with new hero characters, creatures, magic spells, and gold. Unlike previous titles in the series, however, itís possible to successfully complete a scenario without having conquered any new towns.

The requirements for Heroes IV are:
-Mac OS X or Mac OS 8.6 or higher
-350MHz PowerPC G3 processor or higher
-96MB of RAM
-Video card capable of 800x600 resolution (thousands of colors)
-Internet connection required for network play

To go along with this preview, Apple has also posted a trailer of the game. Both the trailer and preview can reached from the below links. Also, you can pre-order Heroes IV from the IMG Store.

IMG Previews Heroes of MIght & Magic IV
Apple Heroes IV Preview
Apple Heroes IV Trailer
Heroes of Might & Magic IV
Contraband Entertainment
Buy Heroes of Might & Magic IV

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Archives  News  Apple Posts Heroes IV Preview, Trailer