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Monday, November 4, 2002
Shadowbane Bard Travel Guide
1:15 PM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

A new article was recently posted on Ubi Soft's Shadowbane web site entitled, "The Aerynthian Codex, A Bard's Travel Guide." For those unfamiliar with Shadowbane, it is a massively multiplayer online RPG which takes a new approach to the genre, focusing on such aspects as city-building and wars between factions of players.

While not providing info on Shadowbane's gameplay, the article provides a look into the game's storyline from the perspective of one if its characters. Here's a sample:

Aerynth has much changed since the Turning, the shattering of the world has brought chaos to the routes of old. People have forgotten the lore of the land, and the events that have transpired prior to the Age of Strife. Many kingdoms that have been engulfed by the winds of change lay forgotten in hidden dales, earthly paradises have been lost, and many new stories have too often gone unseen, or unheard, by the rest of Aerynth. Too many brave souls have met their doom at the hand of ignorance as they journey into lost settlements that have been overtaken by chaotic creatures.

It is for this reason that I have asked several Soerbairds of the College of Heralds to gather all information, both new and old, on the lands in which they travel. With this information, we shall compile their notes into a codex so that knowledge will flow once again. I believe this undertaking be best suited to the Bardic Order of the College since, contrary to the Heralds who observe the major events of the worlds, the bards are already journeying throughout the fragments in search of lost lore, song, and an ear willing to listen to a tale or two.

Shadowbane is being developed by Wolfpack Studios, and will be published by Ubi Soft for both the Mac and PC. Be sure to watch IMG for more info as the game comes closer to release.

Shadowbane Bard Travel Guide
Wolfpack Studios

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