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Friday, November 1, 2002
IndieGamesCon Interview
3:37 PM | Mike Apps | Comment on this story

GameSpy recently got a chance to interview Jay Moore of GarageGames about IndieGamesCon 2002, which starts today. IndieGamesCon is a conference where independent developers can go to share knowledge, and even to collaborate on projects. The interview covers many different topics, including the different events planned for the conference, and some of the different games that will be featured.

Here's a preview:

GameSpy: Who came up with the idea for this conference and will it become a regular yearly event?

JM: IGC was birthed from discussions at GDC about the early years of that conference and how Indies need face to face opportunities to network and collaborate at a price they can afford.

GameSpy: Some people may have the false impression that IndieGamesCon 2002 is about Garage Games and companies (and individuals) using Garage Games' products. Tell us what the point of this event is and why it is significant to all independent developers around the world.

JM: GarageGames' mission is about birthing the "Indie" developer. We're totally committed to helping independent game developers become a significant portion of the gaming industry. To date, the number of independents that have been able to break into the game industry is few and far between. And, they are usually swallowed by the large publishing houses.
With the changes happening due to online distribution and easier access to the technologies necessary to make commercially innovative games, we know that developers with passion will create games that large publishers will not risk making because they can't see blockbuster level success.
We believe that IndieGamesCon can be to the Indie game industry what Sundance Film Festival is to Independent Film makers. Eventually, IGC may be the place where "Indie" game fans come to play their favorite games. Right now, from our registrations, it looks like we'll have more people who are not working with the Torque than those that are, and we're all stoked about hearing about all the other projects going on.

IndieGamesCon runs from today to Sunday in Eugene, Oregon. The full article can be reached by following the link below.

IndieGamesCon Q&A

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