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Wednesday, October 23, 2002

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Shadowbane War Report: More Treachery
10:18 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

For those interested in the progress of guild dynamics in the current closed beta of Wolfpack's MMORPG Shadowbane, another War Report has made its way to the site. Aptly titled "A Traitor at the Gate," this report details a war between guilds over resources due to land encroachment, complete with a man on the inside:

Yet it seems that Feyd had already anticipated that his city and Sanctity would soon be at war, and decided to have his rivalís ruling guild infiltrated. The appointed spy, Zachariah Gettegs, was a long serving and trusted VA member. His mission was to enter the city and study the habits and deployment of the enemy. Zachariah made note of Salvationís leadership structure, the habits and routines of Sanctityís forces, and the status of their cityís defensive configuration. During this time there were still sporadic battles between small groups of VA and Salvation forces, but nothing major which could lead to Zachariahís exposure.
The player-influenced workings of the Shadowbane world continue to set it apart from other MMORPGs currently in the market, with guild alliances, skillful planning, and subterfuge becoming obvious keys for success. It's also worth noting that a player kill was the spark that started the whle mess.

Those interested in learning more about this latest development are encouraged to check out the latest war report, which also contains pictures of key players as well as a 3rd party analysis.

Shadowbane War Journal - A Traitor at the Gate
Wolfpack Studios

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