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Friday, October 18, 2002

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Civilization III: Play the World Interview
9:43 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Computer gaming site HomeLan Fed has recently released an interview with Jeff Morris, a Producer/Designer for developer Firaxis. The focus of this interview is on Play the World, an upcoming expansion for the popular turn-based strategy title Civilization III.

Most of the interview focues on the new multiplayer aspects introduced with the expansion. Though the various modes and new civilizations have been covered in the past, Morris notes that there will be flexibility even in multiplayer games, as the senario editor can be used in both single and multiplayer senarios.

He also expounds a bit on the innovative Turnless mode:

Our new Turnless mode is as close as a player can get to a real-time experience in a turn-based game. When playing Turnless, you never have to wait for another player to end their turn. If they donít make a move within a certain time, they simply lose it. To prevent a single unit from being moved over and over, all units and cities operate on an individual turn clock. Once a unit moves (or a city produces something) you canít move them again for a set amount of time. It takes Civ multiplayer to a whole new level of fun.
Those interested in more information on Play the World, including the development philosophy and new gameplay elements, are encouraged to check out the full interview.

As for a Mac release, there's no word yet, but given the popularity of Civ III, we're hoping to hear an official announcement sometime in the future.

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