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Friday, October 4, 2002
OS X Soundblaster Driver Status
9:07 AM | Galen Wiley | Comment on this story

A while back, Brian "CreativeOne" Sounder announced in the IMG forums that OS X compatible beta drivers for Sound Blaster Live! would be out in the upcoming weeks. Recently, Brian returned to answer your questions, and clear up the confusion concerning the status of an OS X compatible Sound Blaster driver. Apparently they've hit a snag with the current developer of the drivers, but others are also volunteering to try and move the project forward. Here's a recent post:

The main guy working on the basic audio had a major system crash. We are still trying to get the system back from him to see what happened. I have a few other people that want to jump on programming, but I don't have code to give them. I got an e-mail yesterday saying they are still trying to get the system back. Development has basically stopped for the moment. The system is in Sweden and needs to be shipped in Germany.
If you'd like to ask Brian a question regarding the drivers, or would just like to see what others are asking, you can check out our ongoing forum thread.

SB Live for OS X
Sound Blaster Live!

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