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Monday, September 30, 2002

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More Mac Jedi Knight II Details
8:34 AM | Galen Wiley | Comment on this story

Following the recent announcement that Jedi Knight II, the very anticipated sequel to Jedi Knight, had reached Final Candidate status, Westlake Interactive has posted more news concerning the game's progress, including some features the game will have gamers might not have been aware of yet:

Jedi Knight II lead coder Brad Oliver has this to say about the game: "The Mac version of JK2 has a lot of cool features, including "Services" support on OSX, a new dedicated server console window for the multiplayer app, the ability to paste text into the JK2 console from the clipboard in both the single-player and multi-player games, HID Manager support for joysticks and gamepads on OSX, support for widescreen resolutions, and FSAA support for both ATi and nVidia cards, including Quincunx modes on the nVidia cards. Oh, and the addition of SMP support for dual-processor Macs in the multiplayer game."
In an IMG forum thread, Brad Oliver has also answered questions regarding the system requirements of the title. He notes that the game needs as much video memory as possible because of its very high resolution textures, and though it may theoretically be playable on video cards with less than 32MB of VRAM, the details would need to be turned down. There is some uncertainty regarding the state of texture compression in OS X (also noted in a story on Friday), but Oliver has confidence this will be fixed in the near future:
JK2 has code (from the PC side) to take advantage of pre-compressed textures (dtx1, dtx3, dtx5, etc) and upload those straight to the card. We can't do that on the Mac, so we have to take an alternate approach. I should interject that I don't expect this limitation to be present on the Mac for very much longer.
He notes later in the thread that he's already found some workarounds for the pre-compression issues, and also explains some of how the game will (or won't) take advantage of multi-processor machines. Be sure to give it a read if you're interested, and also remember Aspyr is already at work on a demo, though no release date is yet known.

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