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Thursday, September 19, 2002

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GarageGames Hosting Indie Game Conference
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

After tossing around the idea for some time, GarageGames has announced Indie Games Convention 2002, a gathering of independent game makers in their home town of Eugene, Oregon. The conference is scheduled for November 1, 2, and 3 and will feature a keynote by GarageGames' Jeff Tunnell, various sessions on making it in the gaming industry, and a large LAN party.

The inspiration behind the event came after meeting with some of the developers licensing the GarageGames' Torque engine at this year's Game Developer's Conference, and noticing they needed to create a place for more independent game makers to converge. The IDC will cost $150, which includes food, alcoholic beverages, and the cost of hosting a LAN party on Saturday.

They are currently seeking ideas for sessions and have started brainstorming a few already:

"Making it as a traditional game developer." What to expect. How to get your jobs. How to sell your ideas to a publisher. Should I use an agent? Do I need a demo? How much can I make?

Where Do I Get Money? How can I possibly raise enough money to get my game out? Traditional methods, non-traditional methods.

Making Money as a Contract Artist - Get the word out, how much to charge, can you make $ doing this?

PR Marketing Getting press for games reaching the core market and beyond.

Community Projects: RealmWars an experiment in available source development.

Possible Presentations:
"What Game Companies Expect or Working at a Big Game
Company": This is the mirror image of the above presentation in that it is from the perspective of a large publisher instead of the developer.

Business Aspects of Running your company: Very traditional accounting and legal aspects. LLC vs. partnership, record keeping, etc.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property: Use of NDA's. Can I post ideas to forums? Work for hire and IP protection.

MMP Games. Fortune or Folly?: The difficulties involved with create a MMP start up. Technology, content, infrastructure, costs.

If you're an independent developer who wants to add to the ideas, throw them out in the forum thread already underway at GarageGames. A basic web site is in place now, so check it for more information to be posted soon.

IndieGamesCon '02 Forum Thread

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