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Tuesday, September 17, 2002

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More Unreal Tournament 2003 Impressions
6:00 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

As most hardcore FPS players know, a demo of Unreal Tournament 2003 (UT2003) was released over the weekend and has no doubt found its way onto thousands of computers across the world. Following up on its release, several gaming sites have released previews based on their impressions, including MGON and PC Arena.

MGON, who notes that they actually tested the final preview code that developer Epic will be passing along to publisher Inforgrames, notes that the latest build is even more refined than its previous incarnations. Of particular interest to gamers may be their assessment of UT2003's system requirements - while they tested it on a top of the line machine, they note that it should still be able to run on lower-end machines with some of the graphical effects turned off.

Another factor that may interest fans of the original UT is the fact that a sequel to the infamous CTF map Facing Worlds will be included:

A few changes have been made to the map for the update, for instance it is no longer set at night and the structures have had some aesthetic changes made to them. It is also no longer a snipers paradise which will no doubt be music to some Unreal Tournament fans ears. A few of the new features for UT 2003 such as bounce pads have also been included into the map but doesn’t alter the majestic beauty of what will quite possibly become the most popular map in UT 2003.
Not to be outdone in the preview department, PC Arena extols the graphical prowess of UT2003, noting that the physics engine allows for various death effects such as rolling, crumpling, flying, and sliding bodies depending on the circumstances. They also note environmental effects such as tall swaying grass and convincing water surfaces.

Also commented on are the new all-powerful weapons:

The Redeemer is back, and it’s joined by another super weapon: the orbital cannon. On some maps players can pick up an ion “marking” rifle that is harmless in itself, but acts as a designator for the uber-weapon orbiting overhead. Several seconds after you fire the ion gun, the target point becomes ground zero for a massive blast that fries anyone to a crisp within a large radius. Shoot and scoot, muchacho.
As reported earlier, it has been confirmed that UT2003 is being developed for the Mac in-house by Epic. Though we don't have a solid release date yet, it's always good to know that it's actually being worked on. In the meantime, those eager for more screenshots or information can check out the previews noted above.

PC Arena - UT2003 Preview
MGON - UT2003 Hands-On Preview
Digital Extremes
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