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Friday, September 13, 2002

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Warbirds III 09.09.02 Update
2:22 PM | Tim Morgan | Comment on this story

Total Sims, owners of the massively-multiplayer flight simulator Warbirds III, has recently upgraded the game to version 09.09.02. The mandatory upgrade includes a host of new features, as reported by the Warbirds III web site:

  • Aircraft & cockpits added: Ki-61, P39-D, P39-Q
  • Aircraft and cockpits fixed: P47-C, F4F3, F6F5, P51-B, P40-B, P40-E, Yak3, Yak 9, Opel Truck, MC205, Mosquito IV, Mosquito VI, CV6 USS Enterprise
  • Night lighting effects fixed
  • Opel Truck loadout with paratroopers fixed
  • Country color shown using flag button art
  • .speed climbpseed setting will not reset between flights
  • Invisible stationary object (trucks) fixed
  • Shadow models should now show correctly for damaged vehicles
  • Crash bug with roads not being cleared when switching terrains fixed
  • Guncam now hides some 'cheat info' when running
  • AI no longer continues to fire on a base it just closed
  • Terrain lighting adjusted
  • Weird, glowing roads fixed
  • Trees should not be collidable outside of their model anymore
  • P39's added to .offrps offline play
  • Shadows for everything in the world now
  • Fixed most of the 'flying roads' instances
  • All three flak and explosion sounds are used again
  • Game honors the no cockpit selection offline
  • Carrier takeoff and landing groundspeed/airspeed discrepancy fixed
  • Tonnage on Target now resets after a .load is done in an arena
  • Drone (including wingmen) launched paratroopers will now count towards field capture
  • Issue with the field data not being relaoded when you are in the spawnpoint selection area and you change the terrain fixed
  • Bug fixed where if a non-player-mission .off file (like the 1v1,2v2 air attack off files) were loaded and issued .fly command the settings in the off file (such as #wingmen, #enemies) were not being honored
  • Drone Wingees as follows: SBD and JU87 (non-bombay-doored planes) should now drop bombs, salvo settings now honored, Gunners will not fire if player's plane is on ground, less likely to oscillate in formation, and now possible to customize which planes can and can't have wingmen by a host setting

In addition to the 09.09.02 update, an additional (optional) add-on file has been released. The update contains template skins for the Ki-61 and Ki-43 and also includes an adjusted loadout for the Opel Truck.

Warbirds III is a massively-multiplayer World War II simulation focusing on the air war and taking place over Western Europe. Although the service is pay-for-play only, subscribers get unlimited free access to the new Combat Arena, where budding pilots can test their skills.

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Download Warbirds III 09.09.02 Update
Download Warbirds III 09.09.02
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