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Friday, September 13, 2002

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Dungeon Siege Preview; Current Status
9:20 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Today IMG posted a first look preview of Dungeon Siege, the action-oriented 3D RPG created by Gas Powered Games and coming to the Mac via Destineer's Bold label.

In case you haven't heard much about the game yet, the preview will give you a quick overview of its gameplay, characters, and graphics engine. Following is an excerpt:

Where Dungeon Siege begins to really break away from the standard RPG formula is how your skills are improved. Fighting and magic skills are broken down into four basic categories; melee weapons, range weapons, offensive and defensive magic (called Combat and Nature magic). Instead of gaining experience points, leveling up, and putting a few new points into whichever categories you want, Dungeon Siege takes an arguably more realistic approach.

Want to be the ultimate swordsman? Then you better practice with melee weapons, because only by using one of these four techniques will you improve it.

Check out the rest of the preview for much more information on the game.

Westlake Interactive is already working on the port, and IMG also received a quick update from president Glenda Adams yesterday on their current status.

It's still in early development- it's a VERY big project, with a lot of technical challenges. We've been making good progress, but the initial work to get something up and playable is definitely a challenge on this one.
Bold hopes to have the game done sometime early next year, and IMG will definitely keep you posted on its status in the coming months.

IMG First Look: Dungeon Siege
IMG News: Destineer Announces Dungeon Siege
Westlake Interactive
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Archives  News  Dungeon Siege Preview; Current Status