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Thursday, September 12, 2002

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Destineer Announces Dungeon Siege
1:06 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Destineer Studios today announced that it will release Microsoft's popular fast-action role-playing game, Dungeon Siege, for the Macintosh. The game is currently being ported to the Macintosh by Westlake Interactive.

Here's more from the official press release:

Dungeon Siege is a Fantasy Role-Playing game with an emphasis on combat and action. It is set in a gigantic, continuous, fully 3D world that truly extends in all directions. Players peer down from ledges on enemies in valleys below. They cross chasms over wooden bridges and climb to the top of ten-story towers. Players journey from secret underground lairs to towering mountains without ever stopping to watch a loading screen.

Players can travel alone or assemble a party of up to eight cohorts. Each member of the party can be set to react differently to any given combat situation and they will fall into a formation of the player's choosing at the player's whim. Players can combine the many skills of the characters within the party to create a powerful troop whose might in battle is greater than the sum of the individuals.

Dungeon Siege provides a very rich multiplayer experience. Human players can become companions in a traveling party and compete head-to-head against other human opponents. Players can play over a local area network or the Internet.

According to the press release, Dungeon Siege for the Macintosh will be available in early 2003. IMG spoke with Westlake Interactive's Glenda Adams to get a development update on Dungeon Siege.
It's still in early development- it's a VERY big project, with a lot of technical challenges. We've been making good progress, but the initial work to get something up and playable is definitely a challenge on this one.
Adams also confirmed to IMG that Dungeon Siege was code-named Genie #2. Stay tuned to IMG for further developments on this exciting title.

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Dungeon Siege
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