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Tuesday, September 10, 2002

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Mac UT2003 Date; Westlake Responds
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

In case you missed the news, IMG confirmed yesterday that the Macintosh port of Unreal Tournament 2003 is now being developed in-house by Epic Games for OS X. Epic VP Mark Rein was kind enough to provide more clarification on the Linux and Mac ports in another post to the game's forums, where he notes they are hoping to have the Mac version done by the end of the year:

"Any idea how long the Mac port will take?"

We won't know that until after the PC version of the game ships but we're hoping to have it in stores in time for Christmas.

This is obviously a very fast turnaround for the game, and we wish Epic the best in their development cycle. In a recent interview posted at the Unreal Admin Page, Epic's Joe Wilcox revealed that ex-Loki Games employee Ryan Gordon will be handling both the Linux and Mac OS X ports.

Also, IMG recently chatted with Glenda Adams of Westlake Interactive (the company responsible for the original ports of Unreal, Unreal Tournment, and many titles based on those engines) about the announcement of Epic's doing the development in-house. Many gamers have expressed concern about companies like Westlake being able to obtain the Mac OS X code for licensed games, as well as the decision to not support Mac OS 9. Here's a quick Q&A with answers from Adams:

IMG: How will Epic's self-development of the Mac OS X version affect possible game contracts Westlake might get down the road for titles based on this next-gen UT engine?

Glenda Adams: We've talked to Epic and they assured us that we'd have full access to the UT2K3 OS X code for use in ports of licensed games to the Mac. So once UT 2K3 is finished for OS X, Mac users should see some very timely ports of games that license the new UT engine, just like they did with older UT-based games (Deus Ex, Rune, Harry Potter).

IMG: That's great! Have they said anything about the possibility of supporting OS 9?

Glenda Adams: It makes perfect sense for Epic to only produce an OS X version of UT2K3 (and not support OS 9), much of the technology necessary for the game is only accessible on the Mac under OS X. It's the same situation we have in developing EverQuest Mac- there simply isn't a way to do it under OS 9.

Thanks much to both Glenda and Mark for their help in settling this situation. Like other gamers, we are looking forward very much to the Mac OS X port of Unreal Tournament 2003, as well as the many titles already announced as using the engine.

While any such titles will require publishers to want to bring them to the Mac, there are a number of likely candidates already such as Unreal 2, Deus Ex 2, Thief 3, Lineage II, and others. IMG expects to get information on these titles in the future, but stay tuned for more about Unreal Tournament 2003 itself very soon.

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