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Wednesday, September 4, 2002

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Mac Wolf 1.4 Patch in Testing
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Westlake Interactive's Duane Johnson posted a quick announcment to the IMG forums yesterday evening that the upcoming 1.4 patch for Return to Castle Wolfenstein is already in testing for the Mac. Johnson also clarifies exactly why some users are experiencing issues with the latest 1.33 beta of this title from popular publisher Aspyr Media.

Johnson calls the 1.4 patch "up and running," noting that "despite a heavy load of other work, wolf 1.4 is in testing." The Wolfenstein fan base, which has been known to be excitable about lag times between upgrades in the past, should be very happy to see the news.

In a second post to the thread, he explains why some gamers are have slowdowns with the current 1.33 beta, and how this is connected to ATI's Truform technology. Johnson notes that the way the game was written by id and Nerve, only the singleplayer will support Truform at all, and then at a price of decreased framerates. Here's more:

Since Apple only passes the vertex normals down the pipe if lighting is enabled. These normals are needed for TF [TruForm] to work. So a zero intensity ambient light is used.

In the 1.33Beta version I was not disableing the light when a non-TF tri-strip was being rendered, hence the significant performance hit. That's been fixed. Also I had some SP [singleplayer] code "leak" into the MP [multiplayer] version which was turning on TF when an 8500 was detected, It should never be turned on in MP, that's also fixed.

Not too much is yet known about what the 1.4 update will bring, but according to a recent article at LinuxGames, the patch will improve online aspects, such as " adding server and mod URL support within RTCW to facilitate access to server info."

IMG will keep you posted as any other information about Return to Castle Wolfenstein, but there is yet no official release date for the 1.4 update. Thanks to Johnson and the rest of the Westlake and Aspyr crews for their hard work on getting this patch ready for release.

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