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Monday, September 2, 2002

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Shadowbane Q&A with Sean Dahlberg
12:46 PM | Galen Wiley | Comment on this story

The Electric Playground has just posted an interview with Wolfpack's Sean Dahlberg that talks about the company's latest upcoming online roleplaying game, Shadowbane.

While the interview does cover some of the many features Shadowbane will boast, the main focus of the interview is Dahlberg's personal take on what he hopes Shadowbane will accomplish, as well as his views on MMORPGs in general:

Walker: It's become a MMORPG world. Do you feel that this is something that gamers' want, or something that publishers are telling gamers that they want?

Dahlberg: I would have to go with the gamers... being one myself, I love online worlds, especially persistent worlds where you can actually make a longstanding name for yourself... or rather your avatar. I believe the market is growing for MMORPGs because we finally have the technology to do them justice. Prior to a few years ago, many gamers were not interested in online RPGs because they were mostly text-based (MUDs and MUSHs). Now with the graphical enhancements, high speed access, and more advanced computer systems, MMORPGs are viable branch of the online gaming industry and are fun and addictive to play.

For more info and insights, be sure to read the full interview.

Shadowbane... More than a Game

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