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Tuesday, September 3, 2002

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Unreal Tournament 2003 'Likely' for OS X
8:07 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

[Article reposted from Monday's news for those who enjoyed a Labor Day break. -ED] A number of readers and forum posters wrote in excitedly over the weekend about a post made by Epic Games' vice president Mark Rein concerning the possibility of seeing Unreal Tournament 2003 on the Mac. In a recent thread on the Epic messageboards concerning joystick support, Rein also addresses a question about the Mac. Here's his first post on the matter:

Nothing is set in stone but it looks like we will likely do a Mac (OS X only) port. I have no idea whether joysticks and/or gamepads will be supported on Mac or not.
Rein can't be too specific one way or another, since no official announcement about any port has been made. Later in the thread he also confirms that any Mac version would be able to play with PC users as well:
Yes Mac and PC would be network compatible. No point doing versions that couldn't coexist on the net or on LAN.
The popularity of the original Unreal Tournament, which was published by Infogrames' label MacSoft, would seem to make Unreal Tournament 2003 a safe bet. Keep in mind though that much of the underlying technology of the game has changed in the years since the first game.

Unreal Tournament 2003 looks to bring much-improved graphics, more modes of gameplay, as well as even better network play than the original. Infogrames reportedly hopes to make develop the titles into a regular franchise, akin to yearly sports titles. Even better news for Mac gamers is that, if the base engine is again updated on the Mac, then other titles using that engine are much more likely candidates for Mac versions as well (Lineage II, Deus Ex 2, Thief 3, etc).

You can be sure IMG will stay on the story and let you know of any new information about the possibility of a Mac version. The title is expected to ship for the PC later this year, with a demo due out sometime in the near future.

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