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Tuesday, August 27, 2002
Want Mac Games at Worldcon?
8:47 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Howard Shere of Green Dragon Creations, creators of popular Mac games like Battle Girl and Gridz, made a post last night to the Mac games dev list, asking for developers' help in getting a Mac gaming section at Worldcon, the 60th World Science Fiction Convention being held in San Jose this weekend. Apparently they don't have any gaming room to speak of at the convention, and Shere would like to see Macs represented.

The situation is constrained by both time and finances, as he need to work out a situation with a computer rental company today in order to get the machines in the con by Thursday's start. Here's more from his post:

I found a place which is willing to rent us 15 Macs (including delivery, setup, teardown, and return delivery) for about $3,500 but Worldcon doesn't have that kind of money for the computer game room.

Green Dragon Creations is willing to put up 10% and organize everything if I can get other companies to pitch in as well. The con starts on Thursday (and runs throgh Monday) so I need to work out the details of this tonight.

Anyone who pitches in can send advertising info and signage and we'll put it up in the room. We'd also need copies of games which we can run on those machines. We have some software here, but we'd like to have more games for people to play.

IMG talked with Shere, who notes there is still time and room for negotiation with the rental company today. If anyone is interested in helping out, drop him an email at Also check out the Con Jose web site for more information on Worldcon.

Green Dragon

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