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Tuesday, August 20, 2002

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WWIIOnline Development Plans
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The World War II Online headquarters site spotted a recent forum post by Cornered Rat member "Gophur," announcing the future development plans for this massively multiplayer online war simulation. An open beta for the Mac client of World War II Online was recently released, allowing Mac fans to join in the multiplayer action. The game allows players to fight either as Allies or Axis in any number of vehicles of the second World War, and the update discusses the new 1941 theater and new vehicles it will bring. Those who like to play as infantry will also see changes later in the year:

We are implementing new, more powerful and more flexible tools to deliver a full replacement of the 3rd person animation system for WWIIOL’s troops. This revamp will enhance the look and feel of the troops you see on the field and allow us to add new features as time permits such as: climbing, jumping, and more realistic interaction with vehicles and buildings. A full re-work of the WWIIOL Rank and Privilege systems will begin by integrating the High Command structures with the game and web interface. After that there are big plans to focus the entire gameplay experience on persona development with lots more features and functionality, not only in-game, but also in player services as well.
For the full update, be sure to check out the full forum thread. If you want to try out the World War II Online beta, head over and sign up now. [Update]: It appears signups for the beta have been closed due to overwhelming demand. If you didn't get in on this round, be sure to look for more info on any re-openings soon.

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