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Thursday, August 8, 2002

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Three Original Games for OS X Announced
6:00 AM | Galen Wiley | Comment on this story

OS X users longing to play an original game on their computers need not wait any longer. In fact, EMB & Associates Inc. did two better by announcing the plans for three original games, designed for Mac OS X. But EMB needs your help:

If you think you might be interested in purchasing one or more of these games, send e-mail to We will not redistribute e-mail addresses or otherwise invade your privacy. We will use the e-mail to show publishers that a market for high quality Mac OS X games exists. We like PC ports as much as everybody else, but Mac OS X deserves some original titles too.
Sandkings, based on George R. R. Martin's Nebula Award winning novel with the same title, is described as a god sim, a strategy game, and a virtual pet game, all bundled into one:
Wealthy eccentric Simon Kress purchases four life-forms called Sandkings for his amusement. Sandkings are an intelligent hive-mind that consist of a queen (maw) and her drones (mobiles). The Sandkings exist inside a sandy terrarium and worship Simon as a god. They build elaborate sand castles to please Simon. Simon soon tires of tranquility and creates conflict within the terrarium. He withholds food, damages castles, and drops hostile life-forms into the terrarium. The Sandkings grow violent, fight amongst themselves and compete for scarce resources. The game, SANDKINGS, combines the god sim, strategy, and virtual pet genres.
EMB's second title, Simple Cocoa God Game, will provide very simple gameplay, but with unlimited possibilities:
In SCGG, players assume the role of a god from the pantheon of Greek mythology. Players look down from Olympus at detailed terrain rendered using state-of-the-art 3D graphics technology. Players compete for the worship of mortals by creating miracles. Mortals are the pawns in the great game of the gods.
Last but not least is EMB's third title, dubbed Fantasy Ball. FB is a "sports combat" game, with a little fantasy twist:
This title engages the player in a "true play" experience with simple rules and plenty of action. Familiar fairy-tale creatures are engaged in an absurd sport. The tone is light, but the challenge and action are real. Each player acts as the "coach" of a local shire team, and the rivalry between teams is ancient and fierce. Before a match, a player must spend gold coins to either conscript creatures from the local shire or hire mercenary "ringers" who wander the Fantasy Ball circuit looking for easy cash. Hire team members carefully; different creatures have different skills. For example, trolls are very effective ball pushers. Unicorns do not push very well, but they are very skilled at skewering trolls. Magic spells also play a role. A wizard or fairy might cast a magic spell in front of the goal to temporarily repel the ball or entangle opponents.
Be sure to let the developer's know of your feelings if you are interested in any of these games. You can go to the official game pages for more information and screenshots. Note that Fantasy Ball does not yet have a seperate game page.

Support Games for OS X
Simple Cocoa God Game

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