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Tuesday, August 6, 2002

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Feral Update: OS X Sheep, Warrior Kings
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The webmaster of UK-based Feral Interactive has been busy of late with new pages and updates across much of the Mac publisher's site. Foremost is a news report on their main page which notes the release of an OS X patch for Sheep, as well as Max Payne's shipping status, and the official announcement of Warrior Kings.

For fans of Sheep, the puzzle game will now run on any system between OS 8.6 and X, thanks to the new carbonized patch. If you're using OS X, you will need 10.1.3, but the download also includes the "Superstar Shepherd Cheat Patch" as well. The included ReadMe file has details on the cheats.

For real-time strategy fans, the official announcement of Warrior Kings (first revealed by IMG at Macworld New York) should be great news. Warrior Kings is a fully 3D strategy title with various races, religious sytems, arms, and formation strategies. The game now has a mini-site as well on the Feral site, and here are some of the prominent features listed:

    A true 3D game environment with terrain that matters - that is it allows for actual strategic advantage. You can exploit this realistic 3D terrain of rolling hills, deep forests and hidden valleys to out manoeuvre your enemy.
  • A highly developed game interface that enables intuitive play by using positive visual cues.
  • An evolving game path - that is the game becomes more complex as it develops.
  • Rich graphics rendered with historical accuracy.
  • A choice of 3 races to join - Imperial, Pagan and Renaissance - each with their own unique features, strengths and weaknesses.
  • A massive single-player campaign with three separate and distinct paths.
  • Over 35 building types and over 60 different types of unit (pikeman, peasant, etc).
  • Internet Play supports up to 8 simultaneous players to participate in on-line tournament matches, playing full-on multi-player games.
For much more on Warrior Kings, check out the Feral site, and stay tuned for the game to be released later this year.

Feral Interactive
Warrior Kings
Download Sheep Carbon Patch for OS X

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