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Tuesday, August 6, 2002

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Freedom Force Update Interview
6:00 AM | Galen Wiley | Comment on this story

Freedom Force, the popular super hero action-RPG (already out for Windows, coming soon to the Mac), has just received a new patch that not only fixes some bugs, but also adds a new mode of play, single player skirmish mode. The folks at HomeLAN wasted no time as they managed to get an exclusive interview with Irrational's Johnathan Chey, project manager and lead designer of the game. The interview includes questions of the game's overall progress, plans for the future, and of course, what this new update has to offer:

HomeLAN - The recent patch for Freedom Force finally adds a single player skirmish mode. Why did it take so long to put this feature into the game?

Jonathan Chey - Hmmm. Well, one answer is that we were working on the European localization for quite a long time after the initial US release (far too long actually, but that's another story). Since then, we've only had a very small team on the patch since we are doing it as a labor of love. All the work we are doing on the game now, patch, extra characters and so on, is funded by us and therefore only being attended to by quite a small team.

Freedom Force is coming soon for the Mac, courtesy of Macplay. For more information about this somewhat unique game, check out the full interview.

Freedom Force Update Interview
Freedom Force
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