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Monday, July 29, 2002
ATI Interview at Gamers Depot
6:00 AM | Tristan Kane | Comment on this story has published an interview with Eric Lundgren and Stan Ossias who are product managers for ATI's desktop division. The interview focusses on their new cards, the RADEON 9000 pro and RADEON 9700. The interview features everything you would expect from an interview with graphics card designers with plenty of technical details and the inevitable comparisons with their main competitor Nvidia. Here is an excerpt:

GD: For our readers who already own a GeForce 4 Ti4600-based video card, what justification can you give them to go out and shell out another 400 bucks for the Radeon 9700?

ATI: I answered this question for myself after playing Jedi Knight II at 16x12/4xAA/high-quality settings with great performance. The power of the RADEON 9700 is most evident when you turn on 4xFSAA which is over double the performance of the Ti4600 in many games. I'm also excited about Pixel Shader 2.0 features which will start to be exposed in games like DOOM3.

As one of the main graphics card producers for both the Mac and PC market, what ATI does with its technology has obvious implications for the Mac gaming industry in general. The implication drawn from this interview is that ATI feels that this card may be the beginning of a resurgence of their place in the market despite the obvious pressure placed on them by the substantial success of the Nvidia GeForce 4. To check out this interview please use the link below.

ATI Interview

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