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Wednesday, July 24, 2002
OpenGL 1.4 Finalized
6:00 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

An article recently published at the Silicon Graphics, Inc. website heralds the release of the OpenGL 1.4 specification. Backed by more than 60 hardware developer licensees and citing companies such as Apple, ATI, Nvidia, and Microsoft among its 13 OpenGL ARB voting members, OpenGL 1.4 adds plenty of new features which, while listed in CG jargon, may be of interest to gamers with at least passing knowledge in the genre:

  • Depth textures and shadow textures, enabling real-time shadows and related image-based rendering techniques
  • Vertex programming framework, setting the stage for user-defined geometry, lighting and shading programs and enabling high-level general-purpose shading languages
  • Automatic texture mipmap generation, providing rapid updates and high-quality texture filtering for dynamic textures
  • Numerous smaller enhancements including:
    • Multiple draw arrays, for higher geometry throughput
    • Window raster position, for precise 2D and image rendering
    • User-defined fog coordinate, for advanced fog effects
    • User-defined secondary color, point parameters, texture level-of-detail bias, texture crossbar, and new frame buffer blending modes and stenciling functions for more flexible shading and rendering effects
The article itself, while leaning heavily towards a business context, also quotes several industry leaders on their thoughts of OpenGL's latest incarnation. Interested readers can find the whole read at SGI's site.

SGI - SGI and Architecture Review Board Release Next-Generation, 3D Enhancements to OpenGL

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