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Friday, July 19, 2002

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11:56 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

After their announcements of the Radeon 9000 and Radeon 9700 cards, ATI chatted more with IMG about the future of these products and the Macintosh line. Representative Chris Bentley was on hand to answer questions and ponder about the future of Apple and their newest Mac OS 10.2 Jaguar. Here's a clip about the differences between the Radeon 8500 and the new 9000:

IMG: Can you tell us a little bit about what's new in the Radeon 9000 Pro vs. your previous R200-based product, the Radeon 8500?

CB: [The Radeon 9000] is a re-spin of the 8500, but it's got some differences. Like the 8500, the 9000 has a quad-pipe texture unit, so it can do four pixels per clock cycle. However, the 8500 has two physical texture units, so in one clock, it will do four pixels times two textures, whereas the 9000 only has one texture units, so if you have two textures it takes two clock cycles instead of one. On the other hand, it has been clocked up by a significant amount, and it has some memory efficiency improvements, so it's actually beating the 8500 on some fill rates. We're seeing the 9000 beating the 8500 in Quake III at 1600x1200.

In case you missed it, also be sure to check out our earlier coverage of ATI's new products with details on bump mapping and much more.

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